Monday, 21 May 2012

Dear 16 Year Old Me

I am aware I haven't blogged in a long time with exams at the moment so please bear with me, I will be up to my blogging self soon! However, I saw this tag on BubzBeauty blog and she was so refreshingly honest that I thought I would do the same.

Dear 16 year old me,
Well you've gone and fucked up your knee again! This is a common reoccurance throughout your life, don't worry so much about it though, you do rugby (yes, full contact) at sixth form and start cheerleading at university so don't let it hold you back now. Although I will admit, the full leg cast they put on you is horrendous to wear and you'll go around school in a wheelchair (note: do not let anyone push you on it!)

Don't fret about having a boyfriend now. I know the comments that a certain person made a year previously still runs around your head but it's not true. Instead, she ends up doing everything she told you not to do and you have a perfectly intact reputation in that sense. Keep it up. Keep spending time with ALL your friends,  believe it or not, you will keep in contact with a good chunk of them even whilst you're all on separate sides of the country. You will need them and they will come with arms wide open. Cherish that. Ohh, and that slimey ex of yours will falsify something that happened at a party with you. He subsequently falls of the face of the social earth so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Prom will be the most amazing night of your 16 year old life. No, you never find that red dress you were after, but instead find the most flawless blue dress that you fall in love with instantly and makes your Dad emotional even looking at you in it. The photos with all your friends are gorgeous and you dance the night away into the early hours. You become very emotional at the thought of leaving your friends, theres no need, you've still got the important ones.

Your fear of exams will continue to haunt you. Revise more during your GCSEs PLEASE! You were so lazy and although you got good grades, you know you could have done better. Same goes for your A levels. The internet can be a cruel mistress!

Stop buying cheap make up. Save up your money and buy decent foundation. You start to do this during the end of your year but it'll save you the freak out you had with your Mum about your skin.
Stop dicking about with your hair. Go to the hairdressers and KEEP going! Mess with your fringe anymore and you'll look stupid.
You would kill for the legs and abs you had at 16. Love them & your awesome back off!

Keep dancing, in fact never stop. You love it and it's a good release for you.

You have an boyfriend in your second year of college, he's a dick and breaks your heart. It's the best thing that could've happened to you. You learn your true self worth. Never lose that. Your boyfriend now treats you like a princess regardless of how bitchy and ratty you are.

Stop giving your Mum & Dad a hard time. They're trying their best, they aren't perfect but they love you unconditionally and would do anything for you. Same goes for Ben. You're lucky to have them.

You will always hate being told off. Won't ever change you goody two shoes.

You hate that girl now, she fucks off back to wherever she came from after school. You never hear from her again. Don't hate another person again. It's tiresome and bad to hold grudges.
Tim & Phoebe remain big parts of your life. You couldn't image not having them in your life. Don't ever take their friendship for granted. When I say they are there for you, they literally are 100%. You will never be able to repay their friendship.
Same goes for Alice, she stays as a very good friend to you throughout. Keep her. She's a rock to you.

Stop being scared to do things on your own. You thrive in those situations, it's just that initial fear that puts you off. Keep going. You'll be fine.

You're a good person 16 year old me but you make mistakes. Learn from them, don't beat yourself up.
Keep going, you're doing okay!
Love the 20 year old me

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