Sunday, 23 September 2012

I'm back!

So I'm back from an amazing holiday to Kenya! It was an amazing experience that will be exceedingly hard to top. I managed to stroke both a male lion and a cheetah and saw an animal called a 'zedonk' (yes he was part zebra part donkey) and I got to see some of my amazing family after over ten years being apart. I was a lil' naughty at duty free and treated myself to a new Canon  IXUS 230 HS and to some cheeky Raybans as a birthday present. It was so worth it, the camera is incredibly clear with an 8x optical zoom and came in a deal with an 8gb SD card. I promised myself I need to make the most of it to justify buying a new camera when I still had a perfectly good camera I could have used (this was generously given to my brother along with a three year insurance plan because he really isn't the best at looking after expensive gifts).
Now it's time to get back to the realities of life like my law degree, job and room renovations (can I go back please?) but I've already been planning my next long haul holiday! Luckily I still have another holiday at the end of the year skiing in Bulgaria to look forward to so all is not lost ;) and I still have a student loan to blow through (counting down the days til I get my hands on my sparkly new iPad). 

Hope you all had an amazing summer...only 93 days until Christmas!

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