Wednesday, 22 August 2012

It's all gone Pete Tong!

Okay, I'm sorry I've been rather busy lately and have neglected my lovely blog for a little too long! I had hoped to have put a volumising hair tutorial up however, this stupid laptop had different ideas, namely not wanting to import any iPhone photos. Partly my fault as my camera would be best but silly Roisin gave that away without buying a replacement so it looks like it may have to wait a little while longer! So instead, this post is just going to turn into another update until I invest in a new camera and editing software (so please bear with me). 

...10 days until Kenya! Soo excited to finally get outta the country and to leave some aggro behind. Sadly, I'm missing the Paraolympics but knowing my family we won't be missing it. Still to pick up some goodies before we go but surely that's what duty free is for right? 

That's not to say I haven't been working my tush off this summer! My driving test is this time next week so fingers crossed that goes well. Three weeks of work experience which was so much better than I expected week on week. Been working all month and been a very sickly pup, currently suffering with laryngitis (the strangest virus in the world). It feels weird that my throat isn't on fire yet I physically cannot speak, but I would love the other symptoms to bore off now.

And now we have September to look forward to, all in all I've really missed uni and I'm excited to see what my second year will bring. I'd like to see the end of this year if I'm being honest...I've had better and I'm hoping driving will help make things a little better.

Let me know how your summer has gone! Any good stories?

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