Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Stylistpick Review

Having been a member of StylistPick for a few months now, I thought I would finally take the plunge and order a pair of shoes. How the website works is you sign up for free, answer some questions on your personal style and they use your results to give you some options (shoes, bags & jewellery) tailored to your taste, shown in your 'Showroom'. Each item (excl. Cheryl Cole range) costs £39.95 and you have the option to pay as you go or to be sent shoes each month. Simples!

Luckily they had an offer: Any pair of shoes (excl. Cheryl Cole range) for £20. So I ordered a pair of Hutton wedges in a size 5 from the Louise Roe collection. The beautiful navy shoe with a wooden wedge looked elegant in the photos and I thought they would suit jeans as well as with a dress. As I ordered after 2pm I couldn't get the free next day delivery but I received them within 48 hours for free which was impressive when you consider the horrendous delivery options you sometimes get (no way am I going to spend more than £3 delivery for one item, take note stores). However the most impressive thing about the order was the effort that went into the packaging:

Impressive isn't it? Inside the bag included a sticky photo label of the shoes (perfect if you have lots of shoe boxes) and a thank you note for ordering with them.

When I opened the box and saw my neatly wrapped up wedges, I did a lil' happy dance at the thought of wearing them finally. However, I was disappointed at how narrow they were. I could barely fit my feet into them and had that horrible issue of the bottom of your toes showing (pet hate with shoes). I don't have particularly wide feet, if anything they're relatively narrow, however they were painful to walk in and didn't want to risk buying a size 6 and them being too wide and rubbing on a night out.

I also didn't like the sticky label placed inside the shoe stating it was part of the Louise Roe Collection. I could image on a night out the label coming lose & making a mischief in the shoe. A sewn label would've been better but overall the shoe itself looked exactly like the photo on the website.

And so I return the beautiful shoes from StylistPick. I haven't tried any other shoes from the company so my opinion is purely based on this purchase. Sadly, I wasn't entirely impressed. I wish there was a review item option so that previous customers could give their opinions before I bought them. However, for the money I paid, I was impressed by the quality of the shoe and the packaging it came in. Therefore I would say try them out! See what styles suit you, and have a go!

Visit www.stylistpick.com and try for yourself.

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