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Eurovision 2012: Annual Treasure or All Politics?

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This post is pretty late considering the Eurovision Song Contest was on the 26th May but I was in the middle of exams so please excuse the lateness! Eurovision is literally my favourite time of year, I get more excited about than I do for my own birthday and Christmas. I enjoy it due to the diverse music and cultural show you're given as well as those absolute classics you know will never win (Dustin the Turkey anyone?). However, due to the disappointing placing of the United Kingdom this year, there has been much debate whether we should continue entering and funding this competition. Quite frankly, the day that happens is the day I'll stop paying the License Fee. There is much more to the contest than people give it credit for.

One of the biggest misconceptions is the idea that the Eurovision Song Contest is purely political and the UK's lack of a win is Europe's way of punishing us. How much more narcissistic do you want to be? It's not political, it's cultural. Countries vote for the song's which they enjoyed the most. Wanna know why the Eastern block always vote for each other? Their chart music is the same, if not very similar - of course they're gonna vote favourably! Why do you think we voted Jedward so favourably? WE FOUND THEM!

Russia has been very successful the past few years, with much support from neighbouring countries. These countries used to be under Soviet Russian control, desperate for their independence. If this was about politics, do you REALLY think Russia would be gaining those votes? Of course not!

Germany are another country that have had a hard time politically over the years with the World Wars and the Cold War. They won the competition in 2010. No gimmicks. No fireworks. Simple song with a good singer. They're also one of the big five countries who fund the show.

The Eastern block previously had their own version of Eurovision which was just as glitzy but they chose to join the 1956 established show because they respected it. If they wanted their own contest, they'd have it.  

Do you want to know the secret behind the UK's abysmal results. We do not show off the true talent our country has. Bringing singers out of retirement (Englebert and Blue to name a few) and allowing has been song writers (Pete Waterman: never again) free reign isn't going to get us in the top spots.

In recent years, our best position was 5th due to the efforts of the remarkably talented Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jade Ewen. Why we didn't continue down that train of thought astounds me. It's not always possible for our best well-established performers like Jessie J and Professor Green purely because they are the best - they have tour dates, albums to record, multi-million pound deals they have committed to. To dedicate the time required for a great song and performance may put those at risk. Quite frankly, the money and passion for the contest must be prevalent for them to even consider the gig. I for one do not want one of our best singers to give a half arsed performance. Gimme someone who loves the contest and their country and wants to do well. 

Whereas other countries have their best current performers to represent them (Dima Bilan for Russia and Loreen this years winner) which has led to their first place placing. I'm not saying we have to force Rizzle Kicks or Ed Sheeran onto stage, but if we're going to give a relatively new singer the opportunity, make it an amazing song which represents the UK and choreograph your stage accordingly.  

It always aggravates me each year when people bad mouth Eurovision. I know they do have some quite frankly terrible and cheesy performances some years, but some of these countries have invested real money and real time on their performances and it shows. I've yet to watch a show and not fall head over heels in love with at least one song and play it continuously.

If the BBC wants results then give us some credible acts to show off! We know we have it, we see enough of these talented and eager singers on television enough to know we have the ability. Just get your finger out and do something about it!

And hurry up...I'd like to see us hosting the competition at least once in my lifetime!


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