Friday, 22 June 2012

General Update

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Happy Friday Everyone! Now if you can remember back to the beginning of the year I did a post about my New Years resolutions. One of the most important ones I forgot to add was my need to drive (six months too late)! Obviously living in Central London meant that there was no point in learning until I got home to rural East Bergholt, stuck with a lack of public transport and a little too much reliance on my driving friends. And so today began the start of my driving journey (cheese line, I'm sorry I had to do it). I had some lessons on and off over the past few years but this time, my lessons are relatively intensive until I pass. I've yet to pass my theory (attempt.....) so it's booked in good time for me to revise for it and my instructor seems to think I could pass my practical faster than I first realised...SCORE! My current aim is to be passed by August or at least the beginning part of the month. I'll keep you posted on my progress, fingers crossed for a first time pass!

Monday saw me taking my lovely friend Della to court for the first time. No she wasn't on trial, but she had not been locally to court before so we went to Ipswich Crown Court to watch a couple cases and boy were we lucky. We could choose between a double murder, class A drug smuggling or a brothel raid run by some Polish immigrants. Who would have thought Suffolk would have so much going on?! 

For anyone interested in watching court cases, all courts have a public gallery for individuals to watch although there may be restrictions on what you can see (usually family cases) but you can always ask at the desk and they're usually more than happy to help. If you're a Law student, I highly recommend going to court as often as you can to catch a glimpse of the sort out work you will be carrying out when you're fully qualified.

Quick tip: If you wanted to watch a juicy case (not to be too crude, remembering these are peoples lives and should be respected) then you are better off going to your local Crown Court over a Magistrates Court as indictable offences are first heard in the Crown Court. If you are able to get to London, definitely go to the Royal Courts of Justice and the Old Bailey for the high profile cases. Remember to treat the courts with the respect they deserves which means dressing appropriately (doesn't need to be smart just don't keep flesh to a minimum). You can also see Court listings for the Royal Courts of Justice online before you go.  

We decided on the double murder case which we watched all day until the court adjourned. Please bear in mind court isn't exactly how television depicts it. The beginning of a case is usually just statements read out and the foundation being laid out for the jury to understand the case better. Don't expect fireworks every time you walk in.

Afterwards, we went to Zumba, my first time; shocker for a dancer I know, but I really enjoyed it! The class was packed but it was a brilliant workout, I was sweating afterwards which is always a good sign. My gym offers zumba without having to pay an extra fee but I'm enjoying it locally and with one of my best friends so I think I'll stick to spin, pilates and a standard workout at my gym. It sounds like a lot but I'm missing Cheer much more than I thought I would and I need to lose the stone and a half I put on at uni (lost half a stone so far, one more to go!). Activities such as pilates also aids flexibility which I want to work out and I need a little more strength for stunts. I wanna fit in a tumbling class at some point but we'll see how much time driving lessons and work take up before I start anything else new.

And so we are up to date with my ever so exciting life...pun intended. I've got Hackney Weekend to look forward to on Sunday and I've got a weeks worth of work experience at 1 Hare Court starting the 25th so I'll keep you posted on how those go. That's not to mention my work experience at Birkett Long the week after, Wireless Festival and the dreaded lead up to exam results. Hopefully I'll have good news to give you on all fronts but still, I'll keep shtum until then...


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