Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bad Roisin...too long between posts!

I apologise profusely for my utter ineptitude at by not blogging at least ONCE last month! Please except my sincere apology....NOW WE HAVE THAT OUT OF THE WAY!

It's been a busy month in my defence...I have FINALLY caught up on all the work I missed last term (go me!) which has left me exhausted and an unsociable newt. I went out once last month for a Take Me Out night at our SU a few of my friends organised which turned out to be a really good's a couple of photos from the night:

I also went to PARIS with my lovely boyfriend for our anniversary. He was a lil' overzealous with the planning (he made an itinerary for the two days we were there) which ended in sore legs and tired travellers (note to anyone wanting to be romantic in February IT'S FREAKING COLD). However, we did everything on the list (bar Notre Dame sob sob!) and we have some amazing memories...

Valentines day was taken over by cheerleading practice but I came home to the most romantic homemade meal waiting for me ♥

Following this, I had my first cheer competition! Compared to the other teams, I'm proud of the quality of our uniform and I was proud of our first attempt at competing, a good showcase for the Greenwich Mermaids:

So now you're up to date with what I've was up to last month. I promise this month I'll update more often but here is a quick recap for you all to enjoy :) I also promise to take more photos this month because I'm disappointed in my lack of photos! Until next time...


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