Monday, 23 January 2012

Rant: Women's prerogative

The first of many rants! This is an issue I have to address because it is incredibly unfair to those involved. Women are often given the role of being (excuse my french) a cocktease. There is the depiction of good looking girls leading on boys then dropping them but the women's view is never taken into consideration. That ends now.

If a girl is wearing make up, dressed nicely, wearing heels, flicking her hair around THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION! She wants to feel good about herself and she is well within her right to do so. If she also doesn't want to plaster her face with make up, it's her choice! This is no indication of how 'open' or 'easy' she is. What makes it worse, women are attacked by strangers according to what they are wearing. The worst attitude some people have is that women 'bring it on themselves' or they have 'given them the impression' that their intentions have changed. This is how sexual deviants justify their behaviour.  

This is an unacceptable and medieval attitude to have. If a girl is being nice to you and having a joke with you, she feels comfortable enough to act naturally around you. The moment you make her feel uncomfortable, irrespective of what or how you did it, you've lost her. If she decides to back away and take time for herself, LET HER HAVE IT! Don't persistently contact her. Respect her space. If you don't, you will annoy or creep her out and lose any respect she previously had for you. If you do this to multiple girls, you will gain a reputation.

In most instances, this is where one person does not respect or know their boundaries. However, this is important to realise to avoid any awkward communications between the two of you. In some cases, a woman has been leading on someone because they like the attention. This is also unacceptable as it is toying with another person's emotions which is inexcusable. If that is the case, there is nothing to stop you from contronting that person to find out the truth, but be careful, as you may have gotten the wrong end of the stick. However, if shes honest, then move on. You won't change her mind. Find someone else who appreciates you.

This is not exclusively female vs male. This works for male vs female, male vs male, female vs female. Regardless of who it is, respect of boundaries and the other person's feelings is important and should not be compromised. If a person likes you, they will tell you eventually. Just respect each other. 

Rant over. If you want more information, look at to see what others are doing about this.


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