Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012: New Year Resolutions.

Each year I promise myself I won't make any new year resolutions and each year I fail to keep that promise. This year I decided to be more realistic (last year I promised myself I would have a hospital free year...I probably spent the majority of the year in there). So this year, only resolutions I have made are ones that are in my control:

Experiment with more food recipes (happy flatmates & boyfriend!)
Eat healthy
Enjoy university life
Keep up with uni work & get a good grade for my first year
Blog often and honestly
Look after my skin & my appearance better (no more sleeping in make up)
Take more photos
Be less lazy
Drink more water
Treat my Mum more often...and I suppose Ben could do with a treat or two!
Look after my hair colouring better
Look after my hair extensions
Travel more
Visit friends at university
Extend my perfume & make up collection
Be more confident & act with conviction

There was no point in making unrealistic resolutions therefore although I have made 16 resolutions, they are achievable and aimed towards me bettering myself and others. The temptation to write more down is overwhelming but there is nothing stopping me from making a mid- year resolution or two if I achieve the first 16! Family and friends are a huge part of my life so I want to ensure resolutions involving them are the highest priority. Expect me to use my blog more often too. I made this last year but didn't have the motivation to keep it. However as it is the new year, perfect excuse! Those who follow me on Facebook & Twitter know that I am partial to a rant or two so expect those from time to time but I primarily want to embrace the girly & law student side of me on here. Fingers crossed!  

Realistic? What are your resolutions? Do you believe in them?


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