Wednesday, 14 December 2011

TAG: 10 Random Facts About Me

I didn't want my first post to be awkwardly fake or impersonal so what better than a tag post? Some may be obvious, others a little less so. Regardless, they are truthful as I promise to always be on here (brutal honesty will probably end in my demise). Nevertheless, enjoy!

#1  My name is actually Serena. My Mum wanted to call me Roisin after her best friend who died in a car crash. My Dad wanted me to be called Serena after my aunt. In the end Dad snuck off and registered me as Serena, but Mum insisted on calling me Roisin. It means 'little rose' in gaelic.
#2  I'm a 1st year LLB Law student at the University of Greenwich, which I adore.
#3  I used to play rugby. No, not tag rugby. Full contact rugby. And we were fierce!
#4  I have a boyfriend called Sam and we've been together 10 months. He hates photos, but I love him :)
#5  I'm a diehard Labour supporter and member (much to my boyfriend's dismay).
#6  I adore all things shabby chic & original. My Dad and I used to restore old furniture from second hand shops and car boot sales.
#7  I have been and always will be a Daddy's girl.
#8  My heritage is very mixed. My Mum is Kenyan, Seychellois, Indian and Dutch. My Dad is Irish. I call myself the United Nations.
#9  Born in London, bred on the border of Suffolk/Essex. Spend most of my time in Essex and am proud to consider myself an Essex girl.
#10 My family and friends are my world.

TAG! You're it.

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